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Chocolate & Cream

Sassy is our Beautiful Chocolate & Cream girl. She is our ball of fire, and yet she is so gentle and laid back. She had the perfect temperament that every breeder could only hope for in their program. She passed on this amazing personality to all her puppies & that shows through their great temperaments. We could not be more thrilled with what this girl added into our lives & our program. She will live out her life in luxury like she should & enjoy spoiling future puppies here.

Blue and Tan Piebald

Elvis is Mr. and Mrs. Puppy's baby from their 3rd litter together. He's a beautiful blue and tan piebald, and he's a perfect combination of his Sire and Dam. He's independent and has been easy to train. He co-raises puppies with his Momma. You can often find Elvis sleeping in the whelping box with the babies. He's very loving and loves to play with the puppies. He brings them toys to play tug with. He's stolen our hearts, and he's the first we have ever kept back from a litter. He is now retired & will remain in our home playing with puppies for the rest of his life.

Isabella Dapple Piebald

Mrs. Puppy is an Isabella dapple piebald. She was born to be a momma. Not only does she love raising her own puppies, she wants to nurse and raise everyone else's. She's gentle and loving to all puppies and will sneak in to nurse and clean up after any litter no matter who the momma is. Mrs. Puppy is very vocal and talks to you. She's quirky and odd and loves to give kisses. She's talks a lot asking to people to come see her babies. She's very proud of her litters and always wants to show them off. When she's pregnant, she collects tiny stuffed animals and you can often find 30+ hidden in her crate by the time she whelps. After she whelps, she takes a half dozen or so in the whelping box and keeps them with her puppies until they are weaned. Mrs Puppy is now retired from our program. She has been a phenomenal mom & now it's her turn to be pampered & live out her days here forever & ever.

Mr. Puppy
ee Red Piebald

Mr. Puppy is a gentle & loving boy who loves to play fetch. He gets along with all dogs and is by far the most gentle and obedient. He was our first, and is the alpha of the pack. He plays with all the puppies in all our litters and loves to explore around the lake. Mr. Puppy has blessed us with spectacular puppies and grand-puppies, most of whom we still get updates on. He has been an incredible boy to have a part of our program but has now been neutered & will enjoy the rest of his life here with us playing with future puppies, enjoying the lake, & being spoiled along with the rest of the gang. 

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