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Welcome to MyGaDachs!

Thank you so much for visiting my page. I am Lisa Meyer, the proud business owner and breeder at MyGaDachs. My passion for Dachshunds started at a very early age. My mother has been a huge influence and has taught me how to respect, love, and have compassion for these beautiful dogs. I was raised around them my whole life, and when I was ready, I too became a Dachshund breeder for this amazing and beautiful breed. The personality, love, & loyalty these amazing little dogs have for me and my husband only made the decision that much easier for me to become a caring and responsible Dachshund breeder. I want to be able to share this wonderful experience with others by providing top quality dogs to amazing, loving homes. 

I have the most wonderful and supportive husband who has assisted me with every aspect of this breeding program. He helps with delivery, clean-up, raising, socialization, playing, etc. He loves and cares for these puppies as much as I do, and I'm fortunate to have someone who supports my dreams.

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Our Dogs

My Dachshunds are an integral part of my family.  Our dogs are always treated with the utmost care, as we are continually spoiling each one. The love and happiness these dogs bring into our lives & us into theirs is part of the reason I started on this journey. I go to great lengths to make sure each of my Sires and Dams conform to the standards and conformation to produce the best quality puppies for future families and show homes. As a responsible Dachshund owner, each of my dogs is extensively genetically tested for any genetic disorders or underlying diseases. All of our dogs are PRA tested despite the controversial results (it may not be valid information). All dogs of breeding age are tested by the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) for patella luxation.  All are monitored from birth for appropriate temperament, proper behavior, and skills. We ensure that our dogs maintain the personalities that healthy and happy Dachshunds should have.


Our Puppies

When you choose to take a MyGaDachs puppy home with you, we will always be close by. When you get one of our puppies, you get me. You get a lifetime of support and advice. When the puppies come into our lives, we immediately take the proper steps to ensure a safe delivery for mother and pups. Puppies will be potty pad and crate trained before going to their new home. Socialization is a huge part of our process. We want to ensure that if you receive one of our beautiful puppies, that he/she will be comfortable with the new environment that will be introduced to them. We believe in Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for many reasons. Some of those reasons include puppies being more well rounded &  better adapted to handle stressful situations. Mildly stressing the puppies during this ENS will helps stimulate their pituitary system, their hormonal system, and their adrenal system. These same puppies, later in life, have been proven to better withstand stressful events. Studies have been shown that they handle stress better than their littermates who were not given the same ENS. There are countless articles and studies that support this method. The most critical days for ENS seem to be between day 3-16. After a few weeks, we allow our grand children and other children to come play with the puppies. The interaction with children, adults, and other dogs, helps develop a more secure puppy and shows different styles of play. The exercises used in the activities we perform during their individual ENS experience will help create a more well rounded & confident companion for you & your new family member for years to come.

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